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Positive Youth Engagement Activities

The Anna Lindh Palestine network member, the Community Development and Continuing Education Institute (CDCE-I) in Bethlehem is taking significant strides with the implementation of its Positive Youth Engagement (PYE) program, aiming at creating a supportive environment for young people through various activities including training and workshops.

Despite challenges from the Gaza war and restrictions in the West Bank, CDCE-I showcased remarkable resilience by swiftly transitioning its training programs to an online format. Even in challenging times, the institute demonstrated adaptability, ensuring uninterrupted education and work for its community.

Currently, CDCE-I is actively upgrading its facilities to establish safe spaces, underscoring its commitment to providing a positive environment for the youth. The institute's seamless shift to online platforms not only highlighted its ability to adapt but also played a crucial role in maintaining a sense of normalcy during these difficult times.

Recognizing the impact on students and employees, CDCE-I has created a supportive virtual space by organizing a series of workshops, training sessions, Career Guidance sessions, and youth-led initiatives. In the last quarter alone, these efforts have positively impacted 256 individuals.

One example of those initiatives, CDCE-I conducted a workshop titled "How to Benefit from Generative Artificial Intelligence, Tools, and Large Language Models? - Cases and Practical Applications." The workshop, accessible via this link delved into practical applications of artificial intelligence tools, further highlighting CDCE-I's commitment to innovative and impactful education.

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