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Hebron Youth Development Resources Center (HYDRC)

The Hebron Youth Development Resource Center HYDRC implemented a specialized workshop that combines providing advice on mental health and relief through art and creativity, with a focus on the art making and coloring clay. .

This workshop lasted for three days with the participation of 30 youth participants aged from 10-15 years. Participants were provided with the necessary tools and strategies to deal with psychological stress and improve mental health. In addition to manufacturing and coloring clay, which allowed participants to express their creativity through manual and artistic work in order to express themselves and get rid of negative energies and adopt new ways of releasing stress..

This workshop didn’t only provide an opportunity for learning and personal growth, but also created a supportive learning environment that enabled participants to explore and enhance their creative abilities in a useful and fun way. .

Part of the Sport for Change program training conducted at the Youth Development Resources Center HYDRC with the participation of youth aged from 10-14 years. The Sport for Change Program focuses on the power of sports that help youth in building stronger, healthier and safer communities.

The program qualifies young males and females to carry out regular weekly sessions for their peers and colleagues and helps them plan and implement projects that have a positive and effective impact on their communities by developing healthy behavior and habits by applying motor activities, sports and active lifestyles, enhancing and developing youth leadership skills, self-confidence, life skills and practicing new skills by creating a clear positive impact in safe spaces.

After 17 fruitful months of the "Social Change from Inside-out" Project, HEBRON YDRC celebrated the end of this unique project through the First Film Festival in Hebron Governorate on Saturday 30th of September 2023. Thus, 18 short films were produced by young passionate women who participated in the project were premiered in front of 300 individuals in a full theatre! As well as 5 more Palestinian films were officially selected to be screened as part of the festival and won 5 different prizes! That's not to mention the second edition of Bazar Thameen that was implemented again to celebrate our participants from women who have small businesses!

With happy faces and proud audience, and with our kind partners from CRS represented by Mrs. Nila Seige, the Program Director at CRS, and in a beautiful and joyful atmosphere of art and culture, we were able to conclude the Social Change from Inside-out that has been implemented, for 17 months.

The Profound Stress and Attunement (PSA) approach is considered as a holistic platform for young people to develop empathy and resilience in response to their needs. Through our current and previous experience with the PSA within the PYE program, we realized the importance of this approach for youth in general and caretakers in specific, especially during the current political situation in Palestine that prevents women & youth from reaching their workplaces, or moving safely from one place to another. Also, due to the unstable situation in Palestine, youth are not able to reach schools or universities which causes many mental and physical challenges for both youth & caretakers. In addition to the hard scenes shown on social media platforms and news that play a major role in preventing them from living their daily lives normally and safely.

Accordingly, & with greater responsibilities for providing psychosocial and emotional support to family members including youth, children and caretakers, HYDRC is planning to implement “HAYAT PSA program” that focuses on the importance of females’ wellbeing and as part of the Positive Youth Engagement (PYE) program unique interventions aiming at raising the awareness of the importance of mental and physical health for women through a series of healthy behaviors and positive attitudes interventions.

To celebrate HYDRC Youth achievements that were conducted during 2023 (Year2), we organized an event for youth and caretakers to celebrate their achievements on the occasion of the International Youth Day (IYD2023). The event included a variety of inspiring and learning activities, starting with presentation that shows YDRC achievements within its programs and their future plans with the participation of local and international partners, highlighting YDRC Journey in safe spaces, communities and on virtual platforms. In addition to introducing YDRC main interventions within PYE program on a national level, and celebrating the achievements of youth within several programs to enhance the concepts of ownership & localization through our activities.

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