Jerusalem Center for Women

Exhibition of Traditional HandCrafts (Qantara first Bazaar)

Under the auspices of the Palestinian Ministry of Culture, ALF Palestine member Hebron-France Association for Cultural Exchange, ‏started the Traditional Handicrafts Exhibition (Qantara first Bazaar) with the presence of many‏ representatives of institutions in the governorate and many Arab and foreign visitors.

32 men and women from Hebron, Jerusalem and Nablus participated in the Exhibition by displaying their Palestinian traditional handcrafts such as: Arabic calligraphy, Palestinian folk embroideries, wool crafts, handmade soap, perfumes and creams, educational books for children, pastries, sweets and pickles, resin, wax, heritage and traditional antiques and accessories, mosaic of wood and stone, Arabesque, and sand art.

The Bazaar also included many important activities such as:
- Traditional industries exhibition.
- Gallery by the artist Sonia Iqnibi.
- Arabic calligraphy by Alaa Amr.
- Hebron color workshop by the artist Samih Abu Zakia.
- Fun activities for children.
- Distribution of a traditional soup from the hospice of prophet Ibrahim.

Volunteers who contributed to the success of the bazaar:
- Employees of Hebron-France Association for Cultural Exchange.
- Youth and Childhood Dreams Association, represented by Abdel-Mughni Al-Jaabari.
- Hebron Rehabilitation Committee.
- Some residents and merchants in the old city.
- Volunteers from "Youth Pulses team".
- The hospice of Prophet Ibrahim.

The most important goals that have been achieved:
- Introduced the reality of the old city especially to people who have not visited it for a long time.
- Introducing the participants in the Bazaar to each other and created new opportunities to market their handcrafts to people.
- Bringing joy and happiness to many women and children of the Old City.
- Creating a very positive social interaction between the organizers, the families and the merchants of the Old City.
- Increasing the income of some participants.
- lntroducing the goals and the activities of Hebron-France Association for Cultural Exchange to many children, mothers, visitors, and people who didn't know it before.

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