Jerusalem Center for Women


The project and its entire execution described below was a work with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (“UNRWA”) to bring students, aged 12 to 15, for a daylong walk on the Abraham Path (in Arabic: Massar Ibrahim) in Palestine. The project targeted two schools: Al Fawwar Boys School and Al Arroub Girls School to Wadi Al Qilt in Jericho. These young people participating were all from refugee camps in Hebron, and many of them, prior to the school trips, have never visited Wadi Qelt. In April 2019, two trips were organized in cooperation with the above mentioned partners, which goals were designed to produce and foster educational and economic benefits to those involved directly or indirectly in the project. The two walks were lead and guided by Mr. John Atiq, Palestinian certified Hiking Guide on the Path (“Massar”); and Ms. Yara Dahdal, the Leave No Trace (“LNT”) training consultant Read More