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Sawaed Activities

Psychological and Social Support:

Sawaed Forum organizes a series of training courses in “psychological and social support” for youth.

The Sawad Youth of Tomorrow Forum Future Youth Arms Forum organized training courses targeting children in the village of Al-Sarra and the village of Beit Al-Rush, south of Hebron Governorate, in partnership with village councils.

The male and female participants acquired many communication and community participation skills, and psychological relief tools appropriate to the age of the children were used to get rid of psychological pressures. The psychological and social support courses come within the Positive Youth Participation Project, which is implemented in partnership with the Palestinian Child Home Club, Mercy Corps, and the International Youth Foundation, and with funding from the United States Agency for Development.

Puppet Making:

Sawaed Forum organizes a course on making sock puppets The Future Youth Arms Forum organized a training course for making sock puppets for children from 10 to 15 years old. The training lasted for three days, during which the participants learned how to make puppets, move them, write stories, and how to tell them using puppets. Doll making is one of the activities of the Sawaed Forum, which is held at frequent intervals, aiming to develop children’s abilities and as a tool for psychologically relieving life’s stresses.

Forming Clay and Pottery Products:

Future Youth Arms Forum implements the initiative “Forming clay and pottery products”.

With the aim of relieving the psychological pressures and challenges facing society as a result of the war on the Gaza Strip, a relief initiative related to the Palestinian land and heritage was implemented with the participation of 62 male and female participants. The initiative includes educational activities about the historical craft of pottery, how to manufacture clay for pottery production, and learning about the tools for shaping clay and producing pottery vessels. During the initiative, the participants produced artistic pieces with their own hands with the help of the trainers, and each participant was given a gift of his own production.

This initiative comes within the activities of the “Positive Youth Participation” (PYE) program implemented by the Palestinian Child Home Club and Mercy Corps in partnership with the International Youth Foundation (IYF).

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